Top 5 strategies for effective travel digital marketing in the year 2017

2017 has started in full swing, and at the outset of every New Year, most companies formulate a proper plan. This plan includes every nitty-gritty of their business goals and the way they want to operate it. Marketing is one aspect of the business that should also be stressed upon from the beginning of the year.

Digital Marketing has changed the way business operates. This new age marketing way has brought positive impact for businesses. However, the digital marketing scene is complicated and ever changing. And for that companies need to keep up with the new trends so as to reap the best results. With ever increasing complex digital marketing landscape, Travel companies these days are focusing a lot on digital marketing, and for that, they need to work on effective strategies to get the best results. So, here are the best practices for digital travel marketing.


  • Put yourself in consumer’s shoes– To reach the consumer; travel companies need to think like them. Make sure that the message that you want to convey is in the same lines with the customer experience and not lose its value.


  • First-person Approach- Make use of a first party person vantage point to make a compelling video content. Also, give viewers a beautiful view of the location or the experience.
  • Focus on the Details- Social media is an excellent marketing platform and for that one has to be consistent with the visuals and voice, as that makes a good story. Make the visuals clear as audience notice sloppy work.
  • Cross-platform marketing approach– Always create a technology that is in sync with all devices as technically sound modern consumers do not just use mobile, but they use all possible devices available.
  • Brief and Actionable Subject Work– Email marketing is a very good digital marketing technique and for the effective use of this tool one should always focus on 50 characters or lesser. The message should be to the point and emphasis on both what and why.

A solid marketing foundation across all channels and the usage of the best tactics can help you create your brand awareness among the consumers which eventually would pave to business growth.