Travel technology introduced in 2017 that will change the face of travel and hospitality industry

The email has always been an indispensable part of our way of communication since its inception. Before the origin of the social media, email used to be the most important tool for digital marketing. What makes email marketing unique from Social Media Marketing is the fact that email is a medium of direct marketing, where an organization can approach the target clients or existing customers directly for purchasing their products, offerings, discounts and much more. Whereas, Social Media marketing reaches to many people at once. One of the most design-oriented and engaging way of communication, social media has gained instant popularity over the years.

So, this calls the need of reviving the old way of email designing as there are hardly any radical changes to the traditional method of email since its launch over the years. We have been witnessing a very basic layout which would show the messages sent by the sender and the messages we sent to others.

With an aim to make our primary email more responsive, the developers are focusing on developing various tools so that they will not have to rely on stagnant HTML files and the use of build tools allows the application of more engaging email designs. A lot many progresses being done in this regard, and many more efforts are still required to fulfil this goal.

Another effort that developers are putting into is developing new ways bringing conventional techniques on the web to the inbox. They are incorporating effects like animation and interactivity to carry out campaigns. They are looking forward to incorporating the use of more and more tools, templates and frameworks than ever to make it more efficient, and decrease the email production times and increase the efficiency of email campaigns. Developers are also encompassing semantic elements like proper headings and paragraphs to offer added value for people with visual impairments.

Realizing the potential of the email in future, the designers and developers are trying to make a change in the domain and take email to the earlier days when it was in its heyday. And there are many professional email developers now working solely toward making email as one of the major digital marketing tools.